Hosted by: Melissa Manning

A podcast for YOU, the visionary female entrepreneur, to keep you motivated and inspired on your business-building journey! We discuss topics such as mindset, mental blocks, launching new businesses, hiring, managing,...


Audacious Founder Stephanie Houle, owner of City in the Playa - The Myth of the Independent Woman

Episode #20

Stephanie is a good friend of mine who uprooted her life during 2020 and moved to Mexico. There she went through a transformation physically, emotionally, and started her coaching business City in the Playa where she...
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Intro Coaching Call with Kelsa Bartley - Expressing Your Gifts Through Business

Episode #19

This is an intro coaching call I had with Kelsa recently and I loved our session so much that I asked her if I could share it. She generously said yes!  Kelsa is a full time librarian who owned her own photography...
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How to Do Life Differently with Sarah O’Brien Hammon, Audacious Founder of the Network of Women.

Episode #18

Sarah O'Brien Hammond is the Chief Community Officer and Founder of The Network of Women, a private IRL and digital community that holds safe containers for women to learn, connect and expand so they can have the life...
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Conspiracy, Women’s Civil Rights, and Embracing All of Who You Are with Andreea B. Ballen (Part 2)

Episode #17

Andreea is a long time friend of mine who has created a thriving Budoir Photography business that captures the beauty of every woman: Andreea B. Ballen Photography!   Though this was recorded before the Supreme...
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Audacious Founder Andreea B. Ballen on the Journey of Making Your Hobby a Career

Episode #16

Andreea is a long time friend of mine who has created a thriving Budoir Photography business which captures the beauty of every woman!    Budoir is often something we think of as a sexy gift idea for our significant...
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Audacious Founder Dominique Gonzales of Root Elixirs on Bootstrapping a Beverage Company From the Ground Up!

Episode #15

Dominique Gonzales started Root Elixirs, a sparkling cocktail mixer company, 6 years ago out of her home town in California. How awesome it was to get to know her and hear about her journey as an entrepreneur!    In...
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To Kegel or Not to Kegel? What the Heck is the Pelvic Floor and Why it’s Important with Megan Stancill, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Episode #14

Megan Stancill is an orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist with four years of treating experience. She’s also a yoga instructor with over two decades of experience and teach regularly at Kripalu Institute in...
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Audacious Founder Alejandra Hernandez on the Life Changing, Transformational Effects of Solo Travel.

Episode #13

Alejandra Hernandez is the owner of EmpowHer Change, a career & leadership coaching company. She helps women regain confidence, unleash their voice, get clear on their life vision & values, and become powerful...
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Audacious Founder Anyelis Cordero, Owner of POP: Propel On Purpose

Episode #12

In this episode I talk to Anyelis Cordero from Propel On Purpose about: failing fast the sacrifices first generations tend to make climbing the wrong ladder in your career survival mode mindset getting comfortable...
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Social Media, Self Comparison, and Boob Jobs with Amanda Lopez, LMSW, CASACT

Episode #11

Amanda Lopez is back in an episode that we recorded a few months back touching on: - Plastic surgery - Jealousy - A hard stop from social media - Our mutual love of cheetos - How easy social media makes it to...
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Audacious Founder Deanna Kahn of Blondies Beauty Salon

Episode #10

In this episode I meet with Deanna Kahn, owner of Blondies Beauty Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Deanna was a make up artist for production companies and when she realized that covid would be putting a near complete...
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Comparing Yourself to Others is Halting Your Success!

Episode #9

I had a discussion with a friend the other day where she said that self comparison was good because it pumps you up and drives you to be better. I think for a lot of people that's not true and that the opposite...
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