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Conspiracy, Women’s Civil Rights, and Embracing All of Who You Are with Andreea B. Ballen (Part 2)

Episode #17

Andreea is a long time friend of mine who has created a thriving Budoir Photography business that captures the beauty of every woman: Andreea B. Ballen Photography!


Though this was recorded before the Supreme Court's ruling, it works perfectly with the situation women in the US find themselves at the moment. Andreea's family moved out of Romania when she was young, but she's heard some stories...and the new decision to repeal Roe V Wade is only making the stories feel more real and closer than ever. 


In this episode we talk about sooo many topics, a few of which are:

- The necessity of accepting and expressing the masculine and feminine parts of our personality. 

- IG is shadowbanning anything that has to do with a woman's body.

- The threat to women's civil rights with (at the time of this recording) the idea that Roe V Wade could be repealed. 

- How instead of feeling envy of another woman we deem successful in some way, we should aim to simply admire her and try to contribute. 

- Subtle tactics of control by governments

and so much more.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Book: Sapiens 

Book: It's Perfectly Normal

Further reading about Romania forcing gyno exams in the past:

- Every Culture - Paragraph "Gender Roles and Statuses"

- Ilana Gordon - Medium.

Fall in Love with Yourself - Speech by Andreea B. Ballen


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