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Audacious Founder Andreea B. Ballen on the Journey of Making Your Hobby a Career

Episode #16

Andreea is a long time friend of mine who has created a thriving Budoir Photography business which captures the beauty of every woman! 


Budoir is often something we think of as a sexy gift idea for our significant other and rarely as a tool to promote more self love within ourselves. This is precisely what Andreea's mission is: to help all WOMEN to see the beauty, sensuality and power in themselves - without judgment or boundaries.


Being able to see ourselves as sexy not through the eyes of someone else but through our own and in our own way is POWERFUL. It helps us get past the negative and/or shameful associations we have with our body, sex, and societal expectations. It helps us develop true acceptance for ourselves so that we can explore all our bodies and life has to offer. It can be transformational for many of us.

In this episode we talk about sooo many topics, a few of which are:

- Believing in our power

- Seeing beauty in ourselves

- Fear of Success and Imposter Syndrome

- People don't appreciate things that are free

- The subtle ways we invalidate ourselves

- Andreea's journey of finally allowing herself to pursue her passion

- Perfectionism


Stay tuned for Part 2 of my conversation with the amazing Andreea! 


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