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Audacious Founder Alejandra Hernandez on the Life Changing, Transformational Effects of Solo Travel.

Episode #13

Alejandra Hernandez is the owner of EmpowHer Change, a career & leadership coaching company. She helps women regain confidence, unleash their voice, get clear on their life vision & values, and become powerful leaders in the workplace. 

In this 1 hour and 40 minute episode we talk about:


- The journey of discovering your purpose

- Why it's okay to fumble

- The life changing, transformational value of solo travel

- Why you need option inventory

- The truth in the quote, "ignorance is bliss"

- How your mind will fight for "why no"

- The 3 phases of expanding your possibilities

- The thing that scares you the most could happen anyway!

- When you take a leap, the bridge appears

-Why humans have such a hard time accepting differences

and so much more!


Learn more about Alejandra:

Instagram: @empowherchange

trailblazeHER Mastermind

Opti Well Being Solutions


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