Audacious Founder Anyelis Cordero, Owner of POP: Propel On Purpose

Episode #12

In this episode I talk to Anyelis Cordero from Propel On Purpose about:

  • failing fast
  • the sacrifices first generations tend to make
  • climbing the wrong ladder in your career
  • survival mode mindset
  • getting comfortable with the worst case scenario

and lots more!


Anyelis Cordero, MHRM is a First-Gen Latina Coach, Facilitator & Speaker. She is the Founder & CEO of Propel On Purpose Coaching, whose mission is to empower the career development and financial independence of first-generation students, professionals and diverse leaders.


Anyelis wholeheartedly believes that purpose is our privilege! Because first-gens tend to be raised with a “survival mode” mindset, POP Coaching helps them gain clarity of purpose, build confidence in their powerful skills & experiences, increase their pay potential so they can create generational wealth and cultivate the courage to work, lead & live on purpose. She's here to serve as a catalyst for courage - let's POP!

Was such a pleasure discussing all of this with her! She is full of so much insight!


Find the link to her talk HERE.

Follow Anyelis on IG: @propelonpurpose

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