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Christine Keller, Owner of Dade Plant Co., an Exotic Plant Company in Miami

Episode #8

I am blessed to have met Christine when she and her husband were vendors at a female owned business market in Miami. Since then we have become great friends, always talking about the ups and downs of business, motherhood, relationships, and life. 

In this episode we go over a lot!

  • How Dade Plant Co got started
  • How to deal with crazy reviews on your business
  • Some of the obstacles they've had to overcome
  • How to run a business when you have a full time job
  • Butting heads with your partners
  • Why nonnegotiable company values are important
  • How to communicate your expectations with your customers, vendors, clients, partners, etc.
  • Figuring out what your role is and not worrying about the things you’re not

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Get in touch with Christine here: @dadeplantco

Follow the business she is about to launch here: @catandvine