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Nicole Pozos, Owner of Pen Project, a Female Owned and Run Contemporary Art Gallery in Miami

Episode #7

Nicole Pozos is a powerful woman who is creating a different experience for those interested in the Miami art scene. So much of the art found in Miami is based on what has sold in the past and what is "trendy" preventing new artists, new ideas, and the diversity of experiences to filter through.

This is the mission of Nicole's Gallery - Pen Project - in North Miami. She focuses on art created by women, latinx, black, indigenous, and other people of color and her goal is to show us the variety inside and outside of the cultures we think we know. She's here to blow our minds and give the Miami Art Scene something new to aspire to. In this episode of the AF Podcast we talk about:

-How stereotypes and trends are really what determine what kind of art we are exposed to.

-How we go from wanting to hide, to being "okay" with being seen, to then wanting to step out and really be seen for who we are and what we're offering to the world.

-How sometimes we underutilize our femininity and sensuality because we've been taught there's no place for that in the business world.

-How societal programming keeps so many of us from pursuing our dreams.

And Nicole gives us some AUDACIOUS ADVICE at the end!

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Nicole's new Exhibition is opening on April 7th at Pen Project.


Look her up online HERE.

on Instagram at: @pen.artproject


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