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Deb Driscoll, the Moon Witch, Part 2

Episode #3

Deb Driscoll is a long time friend and Moon Witch! We met because of Eduardo Placer's workshop Fearless Communicators. When I thought about who would have insight into our many identities, I thought immediately of Deb. She is an author, teacher, healer, and magic maker, who believes we all have access to our magic and are our own healers and teachers. Using intuitive guidance, storytelling, and spiritual practices Debra helps people to tune in and access their own magic. She knows the difference between a life tuned to magic and life without. Debra invites you to choose magic and activate your big life!


In this episode we talk about how as kids we are intuitively connected to our core identity, how it's easier for other people to see our unique gifts than for us to see them, how self-love is our only job and Deb gives us 3 mantras to help us maintain an essence of that love. Deb explains what a soulprint is to me and the idea that you can have an in-this-life reincarnation. 


Get in touch with Deb via her website or Instagram. She offers Magic Map Readings, Intuitive Guidance (I've gotten that from her before - so relieving), Reiki, Moon Magic Transformations, and her New Moon Community of Magic Makers! 


Find her book, A Series of Surrenders, here on Amazon.


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