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#21: When is a Baby Actually a Baby? with Pediatric ICU Nurse Leslie Herrera

Season #1

When is a baby a baby and other abortion-related questions. In this episode we talk about a lot of topics surrounding the reversal of Roe V Wade. We postulate the reasoning behind it, and we discuss Leslie's general thoughts on it before and after working as a pediatric nurse in the ICU.

Leslie sees babies coming into the intensive care unit who have just been born and who some of which, might possibly have been better off not so...I know that is a hard statement to stomach, it's not easy for me to say or write either. When we think about abortion though, I think many people have a unidirectional view - that is, they consider only the irresponsible people who are playing recklessly with the lives of the unborn and assume that every baby brought into the world will be better for it.

Many people, people who are making the decisions for the rest of us, don't seem to consider how children brought into a life of instability, hostility, and impairment, may in reality not be better for it. Additionally, how those surrounding them may not be better for it. These conversations, while uncomfortable at times, are things we need to be analyzing and sorting through so as to come to our own distinct and educated opinions surrounding matters that, in this case, are life and death.

TRIGGER WARNING: If you've gone through abortions or lost children, this may be triggering or you. If you think it might be, then I advise you not to listen. If you'd like to reach out to me for any reason, I'd be happy to hear from you: [email protected]

Topics include:

- Abortion

- The privilege of being able to give your child opportunity

- Consequences of having a child in unfortunate or unideal circumstances

- The idea that the upper class is trying to keep the middle class broke

- When is a baby actually considered a baby as opposed to just tissue?

- What is normal when it comes to tracking your cycle?

- Feminism

- Being able to tolerate opposing viewpoints

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Links mentioned in episode:

- Adoption Network

- Children's Home Society

- ACLU Texas