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Melissa Manning

After 10 years of running my own businesses and seeing how women are disempowered in the business world, I decided it was time to encourage you to build your business, learn more about investing and come together as a community of powerful, visionary tenacious entrepreneurial women by mentoring each-other and sharing opportunities. My mission is to raise the level of confidence of women globally. 

I understand

You feel overwhelmed and alone in how to move forward with your business. I watched and was intrigued by how men brought each other up into opportunities, by mentoring each-other, encouragement of what business move to make, what to avoid and who to connect with for the next big move.I wanted that but with women who where making it possible.I frequently got the question of, “how I was able to accomplish what I did with my business’s?” and I realized it was my responsibility to do something about the void I felt and saw amongst women who where trying to be bold within their business. 

This is how Audacity Coaching works...

At Audacious Founder we know that you want to be financially successful AND make a positive impact with your company. To do so, you need clarity, guidance and a strategy. The problem is, all of the moving pieces of owning and operating a business can be overwhelming and make you feel like an imposter and otherwise disempowered. We believe that given the right tools and support you can achieve absolutely everything your vision encompasses.

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