Hello, I'm

Melissa Manning

My experience in branding, marketing, hiring, raising capital, networking, and so much more is vast and allows me to guide you through conceptualizing, developing and scaling of your own company.

I understand

I understand the pressures and time consuming nature of juggling entrepreneurship, motherhood, wifedom, dating, marriage, divorce, leadership, failure, and so much more. I have mastered the skill of knowing how and when to utilize the powers of dominance and passivity. I know the fears and thrills of entrepreneurship because I’ve faced them all first hand.

Positively thriving.

My natural empathy allows me to pinpoint the exact places you are being held back and help you develop solutions to blow past them. I have gone through all the obstacles that you are either going through now or will eventually face, and I will guide you to the other side where you and your business are positively thriving.

This is how Audacity Coaching works...

At Audacious Founder we know that you want to be financially successful AND make a positive impact with your company. To do so, you need clarity, guidance and a strategy. The problem is, all of the moving pieces of owning and operating a business can be overwhelming and make you feel like an imposter and otherwise disempowered. We believe that given the right tools and support you can achieve absolutely everything your vision encompasses.

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