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Here's what you can expect with the Audacious Founder on your team:

Your Vision

Get back in touch with the big vision and expand it even further. The first question:

What do you want to achieve?

Your Goals

Set clear, distinct, achievable goals and create new habits to remain accountable.

Let's think bigger.

Your Strategy

Implement your step-by-step plan, build your team, and enjoy sustainable growth & success. 

What - Who - Now

Meet the Mastermind behind Audacious Founder


Melissa Manning has had quite the entrepreneurial journey!

By 25 she had purchased 2 multi family investment properties in NYC, started 3 companies, and become a mother! 

Within in the next 5 years Melissa had established a total of 13 standalone companies. 

As you might imagine, there was a good amount of stress involved in running multiple companies simultaneously! This is when Melissa realized, though she continues to and loves developing her own brands, her true calling was to inspire other people to build confidence in their own abilities to realize their business vision, to grow their businesses to upwards of 7 figures, and to achieve success in whichever way they see for themselves.

Today, Melissa's purpose is coaching bold entrepreneurs like you, to build that confidence and use it to grow profitable, healthy, and truly audacious businesses. 

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Elvira Bakalbasic

"I love that Melissa channels so much confidence and power – it inspired me to work with her and learn. I wanted to live more fearlessly, and she helps me cultivate that within myself."

Charlotte Couturier

"I loved working with Melissa!! I was feeling very lost in my career and contacted The Citrine Agency because I needed help carving out a path forward. I am so happy that I found Melissa! She was incredibly helpful."

Maria C.

"I feel like I've built a toolkit with Melissa that has helped me to be more confident in and self-aware of my own power and strength empathic, she gently challenges me to reallydive deeper into my goals."

Achievement. Autonomy. Abundance. 

Have the Audacity to pursue them all.

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