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#23: Anxiety or Entrepreneurship? The Feeling of "Impending Doom" Created by Being a Business Owner

Season #1

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So listen, I love being an entrepreneur. The adrenaline I get from a good brainstorm or business idea is unparalleled! Nevertheless, I won't deny that it created some pretty nasty habits in the ol' subconscious! I noticed the other day how I literally had PTSD from having to always be at the ready for a new problem. What I realized is that I had created this belief that to relax was to make myself vulnerable to negative unforeseen events that would put myself and my businesses at risk. What I didn't realize was that it was this belief that was actually creating the risk!

In this episode:

- The anxiety caused by having to "put out fires" all the time

- Feeling out of control

- Feeling contentment

- Childhood depression

- Taking medication

- My first taste of extreme, genuine joy

- The guilt of being a mom and an entrepreneur

- Being able to notice the emotions and the triggers for them

- Figuring out how to sustain or recreate certain emotions

- The false beliefs we lead our lives by

- The consequences of being at the mercy of your programmed thoughts

- The moment just before reaction

- Your subconscious is your protector


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