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#24: A Candle Company Born in a Pandemic with Tracy Welsh, Owner of Litwicks Candle

Season #1

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I met Tracy through a networking event held by another female entrepreneur in the South Florida area about a year to 2 years ago now and have following her business ever since! She started her candle company during the pandemic and now sells online and in her store in Miramar, Florida. Tracy is an amazing human being and as I write this, I'm thinking, "Damn, I really need to hang out with this woman more!" I loved our conversation in this episode and cannot wait to have many more with her. 

In this episode she tells me about her background, how she got started, and how things are going! 

Topics included:

- Going into business without realizing what you don't know

How you have to stay creative to keep customers returning

- How you define your brand could prevent you from growing

- Your fear of success could be preventing you from asking the questions that would allow your business to grow

- Does delegation mean giving up control?

- Balancing motherhood, a full-time job, and your own business

- How journaling helps

- The importance of treating yourself

- Dating as a strong female entrepreneur

- What are your safe zones?


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