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#26: Audacious Founder Cristina Fernandez, owner of I Knead More - Are you Peacocking Enough?

Season #1

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My good friend Cristina shares all about how she came to decision to start her own business. Like so many people it happened unexpectedly and gradually as a result of the pandemic.

In this episode she tells me about her background, how she got started, the struggles of the restaurant industry and where she's taking her business next! 

Topics included:

The discipline needed to run your own business. 

What is the key to being successful in the restaurant industry.

The nasty habit many of us have of overcomplicating things. 

You don't need tons of $ to get started...sometimes all you need is one great product and the ability to network.

Is Brick and Mortar right for your business?

Sometimes the right thing to do for your business is to say no.

Women need to do more peacocking. 

Quiet Quitting. 

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