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Starting again

Feb 03, 2024

I am back! It's been a while. In fact, my last podcast episode was January 2023. So, exactly 1 year since I have posted much of anything for Audacious Founder. For me consistency is always the hardest. I get a boost of inspiration and then I get overwhelmed by all the maintenance that comes along with that inspiration. Do you relate?

For those of us without large teams, we have to wear all the hats and that quickly gets tired. The last year for me was a year of transition. At the end of 2022 I began taking on additional clients through the wealth coaching company Tardus Wealth Strategies. It's been amazing in many ways, giving me a new stream of income as well as an immense and continuing learning curve. It's also been a bit overwhelming. This company is growing and growing fast with many clients coming in the door daily. Because of this, sadly, I was unable to juggle the podcast and content creation for AF plus being a single mom and all the other facets of life. Sometimes we are forced to prioritize pieces of our life and then eventually comes a time where we can reshuffle and see if we can eek out some extra time and energy for those that we've been neglecting. 

This reminds me of a client I was speaking to this week. Let's call her Candace. Candace is in her middle age, married with a few grown children. She is an accountant by trade but despises the work and has recently left her job to begin a new career as a mortgage originator - someone who helps people get through the mortgage underwriting process. This process has been on going for about 6 months since this new job is commission based, so she is only now beginning to see consistent income from the loans she's closing. To add fuel to the fire her husband left his job in the last 3 months as well and has been searching for something else. As of this week he's found something that while it pays less, it provides more fulfillment. About 6 months ago, after Candace left her job but before her husband left his, they decided they would pursue opening their own Care Home business. This is a business housing and caring for the elderly. Needless to say the last 6 months have been a lot of new, scary decisions and the associated consequences. Candace is someone who seems to have boundless energy, positivity and motivation. The problem is when she expects herself to accomplish much more than might be reasonable given the circumstances and time frame. She gets overwhelmed, exhausted, and down on herself. Which is the place she was at this week when we spoke. 

We have so many areas of our lives and a limited amount of time and energy. Sometimes, we simply pile our plates too high and something has to give. Some priorities have to take a back seat for a little while while other priorities take precedence and this is okay. It's important to remember this is temporary and within a certain period of time, we'll be able to give less energy to the new job and more energy to our care home business. This is life. What leads us to burn out is when we fail to give ourselves grace and understanding around this. We push ourselves too hard and end up sacrificing our own care or rest. This is detrimental because now we're prolonging the period where we can shuffle our priorities again because we are burnt out and depleted. 

Accept that "my energy is best utilized in this area right now and when this area is at X place, I'll be able to place more of my energy on Y area once again." I was going through what Candace is going through during 2023. My energy needed to be utilized for my coaching clients. Now, I am gaining some more breathing room in my schedule and can prioritize my podcast and AF content once again. It feels exciting and enticing rather then overwhelming, which is great because that's exactly the energy I'd want to bring to it! I am also excited to bring all the knowledge I have gained over the last year around creating and managing wealth! So, buckle up! Let's go! 

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